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Back pain? 7 ways to strengthen your spine

Slouching may be fashionable for some red carpet regulars, but it's one of several reasons why about 80% of us will have spinal problems in our lifetime. And yet, most of us can cure or even avoid back pain and surgery.

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Tips for Healthy Cycling

If you call Westeren North Carolina home, you know this is a haven for cyclist. Competitive racer to weekend rider, cycling is great exercise, assuming you do it right. Here are a few tips to help keep you going.

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Balance Exercises You Can Safely Perform at Home

2.5 million older people are treated in the emergency room for fall injuries each year. Performing safe exercises at home can help strengthen your lower body to reduce your overall fall risk. Here are easy exercises that you can do at home.

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5 Tips to Avoid Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects over 100 million Americans every year. It can range in intensity from a nagging inconvenience to serious discomfort that can sideline you for days at a time. But there are steps you can take to avoid it.

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