August 2, 2016
Success Stories
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Elspeth Hamilton

An active lifestyle can carry with it increased risk of injury. Such was the case for Elspeth, who was seriously injured in a rock climbing accident in February 2006. In addition to a broken rib, Elspeth experienced a serious spinal injury which required extensive surgical intervention. She got the expert care and compassion she needed from the surgeons and staff of Carolina Spine & Neurosurgery Center.

Elspeth's case required careful planning prior to surgery to avoid catastrophic complications. The CSNC stafff worked together, giving her peace of mind going into her operation. "They were very professional, thorough, and I trusted their judgment," she sad. The surgery was a success and CSNC therapists worked with her at home to help her regain full function.

Today, Elspeth now spends her time climbing even bigger rocks, caving, and being a backpacking leader.

"When faced with a spinal injury, Carolina Spine & Neurosurgery Center and physicians there were top notch and I trusted them completely."