August 2, 2016
Success Stories
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Ted Kubit

Ted Kubit suffered from Essential Tremor (ET) for over 20 years, a condition that significantly diminished his quality of life. Ted was unable to perform even basic functions. His condition forced him to drink with a straw, as he was unable to control erratic hand movements. In addition, medications designed to relieve his symptoms left him lethargic with little energy to go about his daily life.

After seeing Richard Lytle, MD, a neurosurgeon at Carolina Spine & Neurosurgery Center, Ted had newfound hope. Dr. Lytle recommended Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS surgery), a procedure used to treat many of the symptoms associated with ET and Parkinson's Disease (PD). Ted agreed and Dr Lytle performed the procedure soon after. The results were immediate and profound. As a result of his DBS procedure, he gained complete control of his right side and a year later had the left side done to further improve his quality of life.

Three years after the procedures Ted is back to a life he enjoys, thanks to God, Dr. Lytle and the staff at CS&NC. He recently made a fly fishing trip to Montana ... something that would not have been possible prior to his DBS procedure.

"At Carolina Spine & Neurosurgery Center, advanced procedures once impossible are now perfected. I look forward to enjoying my life again... Thank You!"