February 13, 2017
Success Stories
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Thomas Whalley

Thomas Whalley enjoyed an active lifestyle, that included biking whenever he had the chance. That lifestyle came to a sudden end, or so he thought, when Thomas was struck by a car traveling at over sixty miles per hour as he rode his bike.

Thomas’ injuries were severe. His spine had suffered serious damage and there was concern that he would never walk again, let alone get back on a bike. Then the doctors at Carolina Spine and Neurosurgery Center stepped in.

After examining Thomas and reviewing his x-rays, they gave him hope, suggesting a spinal reconstruction. The procedure was both delicate and complicated but well within the expertise of the CSNC team. The procedure was a success.

After surgery, Thomas worked with CSNC’s physical therapists to regain balance, strength and flexibility. The CSNC doctors were kept apprised of his progress and slowly, but surely, he started returning to the life he loves. Today, Thomas is riding again and he credits the skill of his surgeons and the comprehensive care at CSNC for giving him his life back.  

"Thanks to the skill of my surgeons and the comprehensive care - before, during and after my surgery - CSNC gave me my life back."