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- Our Many faces of success -

Men and women that live in virtually every county across Western North Carolina,  dealing with a debilitating illness or a sudden injury—they all share one thing in common. They found relief at CSNC.

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Thomas Whalley

"Thanks to the skill of my surgeons and the comprehensive care - before, during and after my surgery - CSNC gave me my life back."

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Roger Buchanan

“From the minute he (the surgeon) walked into the room and started talking, I felt better. Really, everybody at CSNS was so very encouraging and compassionate.”

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Susan Miller

“Doctor Fowler fully explained the procedure, the risk factors involved with this surgery, and the prognosis; he also offered me the option to be referred to other surgeons who may have encountered more cases like mine, but I wanted no one else except Dr. Fowler to work on me.“

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Dave Herbert

“Dr. Rhoton, with the assistance of Roger Meade, Director of Rehabilitation Services at CSNC, played an invaluable part in my recovery and helping to restore my life.” – Dave Herbert

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Elizabeth Matthews

“I was a little worried about the procedure, but the staff at Carolina Spine & Neurosurgery Center really went out of their way to put me at ease."

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Nicole Crane

"They took the time to answer the thousand and one questions I had. I'm back to competing again... Thank You!"

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Elspeth Hamilton

"When faced with a spinal injury, Carolina Spine & Neurosurgery Center and physicians there were top notch and I trusted them completely."

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Ted Kubit

"At Carolina Spine & Neurosurgery Center, advanced procedures once impossible are now perfected. I look forward to enjoying my life again... Thank You!"

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Leesa Schoeberle

" I knew enough about the brain to know that the surgery was dangerous, but the medical staff at CSNC was very thorough. Their confidence helped put my mind at ease and their sense of humor had a wonderful calming effect."

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