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Wherever you live in WNC – we’ve got your back (and neck).
From minor aches to serious pain and everything in between.

We are Carolina Spine & Neurosurgery Center


Whether it’s a minor back ache, major pain in the neck or something far more serious—when you’re in pain everything else takes a back seat. We know. You want one provider you know you can trust, where physical therapists, physiatrists, doctors, nurses, and surgeons all work together using the best tools that technology can provide, to get you back on your feet. We understand. 

We’re Carolina Spine and Neurosurgery Center.

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When it comes to your back, neck or spine, CS&NC is all you need to remember. Start at the Mission Spine Center (they own it, we run it), no referral needed. We’ve got a full team of physical therapists and physiatrists, complete rehab facility and on-site imaging. We can diagnose and provide the non-surgical care and therapy you need. For more serious problems, our surgical staff is right upstairs. Experienced and dedicated, they handle everything from minimally invasive procedures to complex surgeries involving the spine, neck and head. Whether downstairs or upstairs, when you’re at CS&NC, you’re in the best of hands.

Our Locations


CS&NC is a community resource. With three fully equipped and staffed facilities and five satellite locations, we’re here for you— wherever you live in western North Carolina. While we’re one of the state’s larger spine care centers, we are driven by small town values. Sometimes a smile and a kind word are the best medicine.